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Did Your Google Rankings Suffer a Big Drop Recently?

If so, it is time to evaluate your search engine optimization campaign in order to make sure your web site ranks at the top of the search engines and stays at the top for the long run. Some of the reasons why your Google rankings have dropped include:

  • Your web site’s content has not been updated for years.
  • Your web site has many useless pages created to game Google ranking algorithms.
  • Your web optimization techniques were regarded as spam by Google.

The leading search engine has been updating its ranking algorithms in the past few years to weed out spam web sites, which were created for the purpose of manipulating Google ranking results. If you have experienced a significant drop of your Google rankings, call us NOW. It is NEVER too late to fix the problem. However, the longer you wait, the more costly to repair the damage.

You may have heard buzz words like Search Engine Optimization, SEO, or Search Engine Marketing. You never cared to figure out what they meant to your business until:

Your solution: Search Engine Optimization! It’s the most cost-effective marketing that makes or breaks your business, especially in an economic downturn. It is the best way to harness the power of search engines and make them work tirelessly for your company.

Minneapolis Search Engine Optimization

Web marketing is the wave of the future — thank goodness my business is the good hands of Site Revamp. Terry Wu’s brilliant SEO tactics make it easy for me to sell my business nationally, attracting the kind and quality of clients that cold calling or networking alone can’t capture. Top Google rankings gives me the edge I need to compete online, whether locally or across the country. Keep the web traffic coming, so I can make more sales and watch my business soar! The kick start is all you! – Janie Peterson, Peterson Productions

As consumers rely less and less on the Yellow Pages, newspapers, TV and radio, but more and more on search engines when they look for products and services, smart business owners have started shifting their marketing focus to the search engines. The search engine giant Google has become the ultimate battleground of the internet marketing war. Every business owner should ask the question: Can my potential customers find my business at Google?

Imagine Your Web Site Ranks No. 1 at Search Engines

Every day, internet users make billions of searches while looking for information, products and services at search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Can you reach out to this huge customer base? You can ONLY if your web site is ranked at the top of search engine listings. We have increased our clients’ web sites to No. 1 rankings at Google for target keyword searches. Some of our clients have seen their leads and sales doubled or tripled within 3-6 months. Are you ready for search engine optimization?

Minnesota Search Engine Optimization

I would like to thank everyone at Site Revamp for improving our website’s visibility on the most popular search engines on the web. In the last 6 months, we have seen our organic Google web traffic climb 78%. Our top two target keywords for state and city specific searches increased their organic returns by 110% and 200% respectively during the same period. Compared to the Yellow Pages ad that we started at approximately the same time, the stark contrast in effectiveness per dollar spent has convinced us to cancel our Yellow Pages advertising altogether. – Tom Sedlack, 33rd Company

From our clients’ experiences, we know that an effective SEO campaign can turn a business web site into a powerful lead-generating and revenue-producing machine. Because of SEO’s high return on investment, most of our clients have reduced their sales staff and marketing budget. Some have eliminated their spending on other forms of advertising, including Yellow Pages ads and TV commercials. Search engine optimization is a smart investment that pays dividends in both short term and long term.

5 Must-Know Facts for Hiring a Search Engine Optimization Company

Hiring the wrong SEO company that uses unethical techniques can cause search engine penalties for your web site. Choosing the right SEO company can be a challenge for business owners because so many companies claim they are the SEO experts. How do you tell which company is for real?

How to Pay for SEO without Adding an Extra Dime to Your Budget

If you are like millions of small business owners who advertise through traditional media, such as, the Yellow Pages, newspapers, magazines, billboard, radio and TV, here is the good news – you don’t need to spend one penny more than you already have. You can pay for quality SEO services by reallocating your marketing dollars. Simply stop wasting your money on these outdated marketing media and spend the same or less money on search engine optimization, and you will see a much better return on your investment.

Minnesota SEO Company – Minneapolis St Paul

Our Google rankings speak louder than our competitors’. At Site Revamp, we offer top quality search engine optimization and SEO friendly web design service. Our experienced SEO experts and web designers have been helping clients both in Minnesota and across the country to build stronger businesses. We specialize in:

Still having doubt about how our Minneapolis SEO firm can help your business beat the competition? You can learn more about search engine optimization as an effective marketing from our web site or call us for a FREE no-obligation SEO analysis of your web site.

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