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Traditional Advertising vs Search Engine Optimization

  • Do you think people remember radio and TV commercials?
  • Can you afford newspaper and magazine advertising?
  • Do you know why search engine marketing is your best investment?

Help Your Customers Find You

Can potential customers find your business? Every day, millions of people, both locally and around the world decide where to purchase products and services that they need. The goal of all marketing strategies is to help them choose your business over all the others. Are you using the most effective marketing? If customers are flocking to your business today, they’re finding you at the time they need your products and services. If they can’t find you, they find your competitors. Our search engine optimized websites give our clients in Minneapolis St. Paul and nationwide a powerful edge.

In the past, Yellow Pages, radio and TV commercials, along with newspaper and magazine advertising served to reach out to consumers. Relying on those outdated strategies today is a recipe for failure. Now, potential customers use Google, Bing and Yahoo almost as their exclusive source for information. They type keyword queries on their computers and smart phones. Instantly, they get many choices of companies that supplies the desired products and services. Google works very hard to present the most relevant results to its users, so the top three results gets almost all of their visits. Here are the facts about why search engine marketing succeeds while old-school advertising fails miserably:

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Old-fashioned advertising is inefficient. It fails to reach potential customers and clients at the time they’re interested in your products or services. Stop paying too much for too little return. Instead, invest in presenting your message to customers exactly when they’re looking for it and get maximum impact. Site Revamp’s team creates business websites that incorporate thoroughly researched SEO to get top search engine placement. When visitors arrive, they find the information they need and useful content that converts them into your newest customers and clients. At the lowest cost per customer acquisition you’ll find anywhere, your advertising budget works as efficiently as possible. Call us today for a free, no-obligation market evaluation and price quote. Let us show you what we have done for so many Twin Cities business clients.