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  • How can you reduce your AdWords cost by half?
  • Are pay-per-click campaigns all about bidding prices?
  • Are you wasting money on the wrong keywords?

Take Your Search Engine Marketing to the Next Level with PPC!

A well-optimized website is essential for search engine marketing success. In a highly competitive business environment, though, you may be looking for ways to add even more effectiveness in attracting visitors to your pages. Google AdWords advertising, added to your SEO marketing, can be the right tool. As the recognized leader in PPC management in the Twin Cities area and nationally, we know that a well-managed AdWords campaign can pay off in increased revenues and profits.

PPC marketing is an extremely effective in bringing additional visitors to your site, especially when competition for top organic search engine rankings is fierce. With Google AdWords, your ads appear prominently in search results when users type specific searches. You control which keywords are targeted, where your target customers are located, how much you spend on the clicks, how much your daily budget is and much more. You only pay a fee to Google, based on how much you bid for a keyword, when a user actually clicks on the ad and comes to your specified landing page.

While Google, Yahoo and Bing all offer pay per click advertising, Google provides the best PPC performance by far. Since 70+% of all searchers use Google, AdWords gives you maximum impact. We recommend this effective advertising to our clients, and assist them with active, professional management.

Top AdWords Management Service – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

With our professional pay-per-click management, your budget can be reduced by at least 50%. You can pay less per click and force your competitors to pay two or three times more. Our knowledge and experience help clients maximize results while saving on their money. If you have been running your own pay-per-click campaigns, contact us to learn how much money and time you can save.