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There’s no question about it: Professional search engine optimization is the key to business success today. It beats all other marketing methods because 90% of people looking for services and products turn to Google, Bing and Yahoo to find companies to fill their needs. You’ve come to Site Revamp to learn more, and we want you to see what we’ve done for companies like yours. If you own a small or midsize business in the Twin Cities, we would like to show you how our services can boost your revenues and profits. The high value of our services is clear to our long list of satisfied clients. Below, they tell their stories in their own words:

SEO Real Estate With over 90% of all real estate buyers starting their search online, having a significant online presence is essential in order to succeed as a real estate agent. With this in mind, I have spent countless hours and more money than I care to admit on search engine optimization and pay per click ads over the years. Trying to sift through those daily emails I would get from companies promising to “get me on the top of Google” was challenging. For me, I wanted to find a local company that was achieving tangible results for companies right here in Minneapolis. I found Site Revamp and honestly, I could not recommend them more highly. They care about their clients, and they care about seeing you and your business succeed. And yes, within two weeks of working with them, my Google traffic doubled; and within 3 months, my traffic quadrupled! My website has been very strong in generating quality leads for us. Thank you Terry and Site Revamp! You are the real deal!

SEO Property Management I would like to thank everyone at Site Revamp for improving our website’s visibility on the most popular search engines on the web. In the last 6 months, we have seen our organic Google web traffic climb 78%. Our top two target keywords for state and city specific searches increased their organic returns by 110% and 200% respectively during the same period.

In the last four months, we have seen an especially large increase in customer inquiries, and have also seen our overall customer awareness factors increase. Our customer conversion rates have also improved dramatically.

Compared to the yellow page ad that we started at approximately the same time, the stark contrast in effectiveness per dollar spent has convinced us to cancel yellow page advertising altogether.

We are well-pleased with Site Revamp’s service, support and industry knowledge. From day one, Site Revamp has demonstrated unusual competence, integrity, and a quality of service that has far exceeded our original expectations. They have shown us how to properly analyze and improve organic search results and increase revenue through our website.

I highly recommend Site Revamp, and would especially advise any business to invest the majority of their marketing budgets toward SEO services and support, away from print and conventional advertising channels. Internet presence has proven to be a critical core of our business success. Thanks Site Revamp!

Business SEO Site Revamp has done an amazing job of turning our company’s website into a powerful, cost-effective marketing tool. We started working with Site Revamp on getting higher search engine rankings in October of 2006. Our goal was to attract new business clients and job candidates both locally and nationally. We saw a significant increase of the number of visitors from Google and Yahoo within 3 months. Now, 6 months later, our website’s traffic has tripled. For most of our targeted keywords, our rankings have been consistently at the top, with many No. 1 Google rankings. These top rankings and the increased traffic have translated into more local and national clients, more job candidates, faster recruiting process and better profit for our company. Our website has become our best resource for our recruiting and marketing.

The quality of Site Revamp’s services has far exceeded our expectation. Not only have they demonstrated, but also helped us harness the power of internet marketing. We are very confident that their expertise will continue to give us the strong competitive edge in our effort of expanding our business.

SEO Heating Air Conditioning When my return on investment with the Yellow Pages began to decline, I turned to the internet for a better return on my advertising dollar. Terry said he would have my web site ranked in the top three at Google, I did not believe him. Terry made a believer out of me. The process was faster than I thought it would be. Within one week of our website optimization, we started getting sales leads from our site. Now, we have many No. 1 Google rankings. Customers can easily find us through Google. We are very pleased with the optimization results. I would recommend the experts at Site Revamp to any business other than my competition.

SEO Business to Consumers I am very pleased to report the tremendous return in sales revenue that Site Revamp has provided my company, Twin Cities Duct Cleaning. The speed in which Terry and his expert staff got us high rankings on Google was almost magical! Reduce or eliminate other marketing dollars that we had committed to outdated sales efforts. Yellow pages and telemarketing are not in the same ballpark with the effectiveness of what Site Revamp can do for us. Additionally, working with Terry and his company has been very warm and professional. Thank you, Site Revamp!

SEO Video Production Service Web marketing is the wave of the future — thank goodness my business is the good hands of Site Revamp. Terry Wu’s brilliant SEO tactics makes it easy for me to sell my business nationally, attracting the kind and quality of clients that cold calling or networking alone can’t capture. Top Google rankings gives me the edge I need to compete online, whether locally or across the country. Keep the web traffic coming, so I can make more sales and watch my business soar! The kick start is all you!

SEO Medical Services Terry Wu at Site Revamp has done a remarkable job in getting our website increased activity, which has in turn brought us many new clients. Terry has his finger on the pulse of the internet and always has new ideas of how we can improve the traffic on our website. He not only developed our website, but we have a continuing relationship that involves traffic analysis on a bi-monthly basis, and continuous improvement of our site. It’s so nice to have someone you can rely on like Terry. No matter what the problem is, he has a resolution!

Business Services SEO Site Revamp has enabled our small company to succeed globally and compete with companies that are household names. In a matter of 6 months we have climbed the search engine ranking and are now at the top in our category. Because of this we do not have to spend money on Internet advertising. The team at Site Revamp are extremely professional, tireless workers and excellent business partners who take a personal interest in our success.

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There are hundreds of web design, SEO and search engine marketing companies in the Minneapolis St. Paul area. Which one is right for your company? All make promises about increased revenues, top search engine placement and web design expertise. How can you tell which of those companies can truly deliver on those promises? At Site Revamp, we want you to see what we have achieved. Evidence of success is the best way to judge. If your current website and search engine performance isn’t helping your business grow, we can help.

Contact us for a free evaluation of your current site and let us show you why it’s not performing. We’ll consult with you and give you a price quote for a revamp that will get you results like those in the stories above. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.