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Does Your Web Designer Own Your Domain Name?

  • Why do 40% business owners don’t own their domain names?
  • How can you protect your website from being stolen?
  • What are the risks of having your domain name owned by your web designer?

Your Domain Name Has a Very High Value

If you buy a house, would you want your deed recorded with your realtor’s name as the owner? Of course you wouldn’t. It’s your property. So, who owns your domain name? If you had your web address registered by your web designer, it is no different from having the deed of your house signed by a realtor instead of by you. That domain name is a valuable asset, just like your home. If you don’t own it, you may be facing big trouble down the road. At Site Revamp, every website we build is registered by the owner of the business. We wouldn’t operate in any other way. It’s your website. You own it. Here’s why that matters:

The ultimate control of any website is in the hands of the person who is the official registrant of the domain name. If you have your web designer register it, in his or her own name, you don’t own or control your own website. There are very real risks of such practice. These risks can cause very serious problems for you:

Safeguard the Ownership of Your Domain Name

Many web designers and web design companies register domain names in their own names for their clients without explaining the risks. Worse, some unethical contractors do so to ensure their job security. If your domain is registered in the name of your web design company, you may not be able to switch designers without going through a lot of costly pain to get your domain name back. Don’t jeopardize your business by letting it fall into the wrong hands. It’s crucial that it is registered in your name, not in someone else’s name.

You only have total control of your website if you are the domain registrant. If you are not, you should take steps now to have it transferred to you. This can be done very simply, but requires the cooperation of your current web designer or web design company. If your request for a transfer is rejected, you may need to take legal action. Contact an attorney if this is the case.

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At Site Revamp, everything we do is for the benefit of our clients. We NEVER register domain names for clients in our own name. Instead, we help our clients do these registrations themselves so they have full ownership. We also don’t tie clients to long-term contracts. We keep our clients by providing them with excellent service. If a new client comes to us and we find that their domain name is registered in the name of their previous designer, we can often help them get the ownership back. For all questions relating to your website, please contact us. We will also be happy to provide a free SEO and web design analysis for your existing website. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.