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  • Do you know how your website ranks at Google?
  • How do your potential customers find your products and services?
  • How do you beat your competition at search engines?

Google Is the Most Popular Search Engine by Far!

If you’re like most people, you’ve used Google frequently to look for information, products and services you need. Of the three major internet search engines, Google gets 60-80% of all searches. Yahoo and Bing get the rest. If your potential customers and clients can’t find your website at Google, your company will lose their business. Have you ever really checked to see how your website ranks on Google? You should. Here’s how to test its rankings:

Did you find your website on Google’s first page for a broad range of queries? If not, your potential customers can’t find you, either. If you found your competitors’ websites, so will your potential customers. Marketing your products and services through effective SEO and pay-per-click advertising is the only way to stay competitive today. 95% of internet users rely on Google, Yahoo and Bing exclusively now to find companies to make a purchase from.

At Search Engines, the Winner Takes All

Old-fashioned, outdated advertising strategies no longer perform in generating new sales and revenues. While your loyal regular customers may continue to patronize your business, advertising in Yellow Pages, TV and radio, or using direct mail can no longer reach potential customers. People looking for products and services search on Google, Bing and Yahoo to find what they need. Only top rankings on the first pages of search results for a wide variety of queries can effectively increase your business exposure and attract new customers. With top Google placement and a well designed informative website, you’ll have the edge over your competitors. If not, they win the battle.

There’s no magical way to get high search engine rankings. For every search, Google’s ranking algorithms compare as many as millions of web pages before showing results to the searcher. Complex algorithms rank web pages and websites and present the most relevant and trusted businesses at the top of the list. Getting the essential top placement requires a combination of professional search engine optimization, user-friendly website design, and informative content relevant to the intent of queries. If your current website is nowhere to be found, you need to take action. That action may require revamping your website to meet current search technology standards, optimizing your website for top placement and actively reaching out to your customers using all available internet marketing resources.

Top Google Rankings Require Professional SEO Expertise and Teamwork

Many business owners make the fatal mistake of assuming that their websites should automatically have top rankings, without realizing that it takes time and a serious investment. If you are reluctant to put significant resources to work, your website will stay buried and unnoticed. At the same time, your competitors’ optimized sites will gain all the attention from your potential customers.

Some business owners think that their websites should have the highest rankings simply because their companies offer the best products and services. The reality is that search engines do not know about the quality, integrity and reputation of your company. Only solid search engine optimization and a well designed and written website can help you attract more traffic. Your visitors must also stay on your site and convert to become active customers and clients.

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The explosive growth of the internet has captured most consumers. Those consumers rely on search engines more each day. Win the battle of search engine optimization and you’ll win the marketing war! Even if your website currently has low or nonexistent Google placement, it is never too late to start implementing effective SEO. Call Site Revamp in Minneapolis, Minnesota and we will guide you on the road to success. We’ll evaluate your current marketing at no cost to you and give you a price quote for services that will give you the top rankings you deserve. We’ll also show you the powerful results we’ve provided for our current clients.