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Can Any Company Guarantee Top Search Engine Rankings?

  • What is the real cost of cheap SEO?
  • Why aren’t promises of top Google rankings believable?
  • What should business owners know about SEO guarantees?

Random Solicitations from SEO Companies Are a Red Flag

Whether you own a small business in Minneapolis St. Paul or a midsize business with a national scope, you got emails and phone calls all the time from marketing firms that want to increase your web traffic. Universally, they promise you top Google rankings at cheap prices or they will give you your money back. These fraudulent providers make guarantees like:

If you believe you can achieve spectacular rankings and boosted traffic at a low cost, you will fall victim of a common scam, designed to fool business owners who have little understanding of how search engine marketing works. SEO takes a lot of hard and smart work. Plus, it takes time and serious investment. How can someone who doesn’t even know your business make such baseless claims? If you sign a contract with such a shady company, you will end with a website filled with spam. Google, Bing and Yahoo all recognize unethical SEO techniques, and simply reject websites that use such practices. You’ll get nothing for your money, and could even find your website completely gone from Google listings.

What SEO Guarantees Really Mean – Understanding the Fine Print

Here’s the kind of language you’ll find somewhere in all of these offers, usually in small print: “Our SEO Guarantee depends on the number of keywords, competitiveness of the keywords, your current website ranking positions, competitiveness of your market etc. Based on the agreed keywords, we guarantee top 10 Google rankings for 40% of the agreed keywords and top 20 Google rankings for 60% of the agreed keywords.” Here’s what those words actually mean:

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Don’t be taken in by SEO guarantees promised by companies you’ve never heard of. If you pay $500 to a scammer and see no meaningful results, you’ve wasted your money. You’ll never see that money again. Instead, learn about how SEO works and find a reputable Minnesota search engine optimization company. You should expect a free evaluation of your current website and a personal consultation. Request Google rankings they’ve achieved for companies like yours. Check references. Get a price quote that fits your budget and expectations. That’s how our proven Twin Cities SEO services company does business. We’ll be happy to show you how our services mean business for you.