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How Much Does Search Engine Optimization Cost?

  • Why is there so much variability in SEO pricing?
  • Can you just accept the lowest bid?
  • Why should you avoid bogus one-size-fits-all SEO packages?

SEO Is Only Worthwhile if It Generates More Revenues

How much should you pay for search engine optimization services? This question baffles most business owners who are new to online marketing. The answer is complicated, due to the wide range of prices charged by SEO companies. You’ll see offers from bogus providers or novice freelancers who offer their services for as little as $49 a month while promising you the moon. Some web design firms, probably including your current company, claim that they can provide you an add-on service for $400 a month. There are also consultants who charge $2,000 – $5,000 a month or $500 per hour. Naturally, this broad price range raises some questions:

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How can you afford to pay $5,000 a month for SEO on top of all your other marketing costs? Many business owners simply think they can’t afford it. When we look at many marketing strategies, however, we often find that these companies are flushing money down the drain by spending tens of thousands of dollars every month on much less effective media like the Yellow Pages, direct mail, magazines, newspapers, billboard, and TV commercials. Compared to the cost of traditional advertising, search engine optimization is much more cost-effective, with the lowest cost per customer acquisition. Your business doesn’t have to spend additional money – all you need to do is re-allocate your marketing dollars from old-school strategies that no longer work and invest them in SEO.

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The online marketing team at Site Revamp has been busy since the beginning of the internet. We have helped local Minnesota area and national clients achieve outstanding Google rankings and increased revenues through our well-optimized websites. We’re always looking for new clients who own or manage businesses with over $1 Million in annual revenues and who want powerful internet marketing success. We encourage you to contact us for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your current website. We’ll be happy to show you what we have accomplished for our many clients. We’ll give you a competitive price quote for a revenue-building search engine marketing plan designed for success.