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  • What are the most common SEO rip-offs?
  • Why are web designers not qualified to implement web optimization?
  • How can you find the best SEO company in the Twin Cities?

SEO, properly implemented, can turn a business around and provide exceptional increases in leads and sales. We have the proof of that from our long list of satisfied clients. Everyone has heard of internet marketing, but there are numerous rip-offs and scams being perpetrated by companies that only have the goal of wasting your money. You’ve seen unbelievable promises made in soliciting proposals sent through spam emails. Those so-called SEO services can do more harm to your website rankings than doing nothing at all.

Web Design and SEO Are Two Different Specialties

Just about every web design firm will offer search engine optimization regardless whether they are qualified to do the job. Almost none of these companies have a clue on how Google, Bing and Yahoo rank websites. Instead, they resort to outdated techniques that are not only useless, but harmful. Search engine optimization professionals are mathematicians. Web designers are graphic artists. Web optimization requires specific training, extensive knowledge and long experience. The best results come from a company that specializes in search engine optimization and includes talented web designers and marketing copywriters.

High-Performance Professional SEO and Web Design – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Search engine optimization only provides revenue-boosting results when implemented properly. Professional search engine optimizers are rare and in high demand. It takes years of training and extensive real-world experience to master the techniques, and it takes even more effort to stay on top of all the changes made by search engines. We also have top web designers and marketing content copywriters on our team. Talk to our Minnesota SEO professionals and we will be happy to get you on the right track with search engine optimization marketing. Contact us for a free analysis and report and let us propose a total revamp at competitive costs. Our proven results assure you of top performance at cost-effective rates.