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  • What don’t most business owners know about marketing through Google?
  • Do you know why your web designer is clueless about SEO?
  • How do you turn more web traffic into leads and sales?

Effective SEO Outperforms All Marketing Methods

You already have a website for your business. Is it delivering a constant stream of new leads and sales? Probably not. The problem is that few people are visiting it. Your potential customers can’t find it when they search for your products and services on Google, Yahoo or Bing. Your web designer promised that your website would help increase your revenues, but you’re not seeing that growth. Here’s the truth: Only truly effective, scientific search engine optimization can get your website to the top of Google listings. If searchers can’t find you there, they won’t even know your company. Your web designer doesn’t understand SEO. That’s why your website isn’t working.

Minnesota Search Engine Optimization Service

You may still be relying on Yellow Pages, newspaper and magazine ads and TV and radio commercials to increase sales. None of those can deliver real return for your investment. Your potential customers and clients simply aren’t paying attention to any of those advertisements today. Instead, 95% of them are searching for information on products and services on the internet, using desktop and laptop computers, smart phones and tablets. They want to get the information they need and when they need it. They click only on listings at the top of the first page of search results. That’s how they find products and services. That’s where your website must appear.

Research-Based SEO and User-Friendly Websites

At Site Revamp, our team of SEO consultants and web designers understands how search engines work. We also understand website visitors through extensive user research. We’ve been getting top Google rankings and generating steady streams of leads and sales for our clients since the early days of the internet. We know that only extensive scientific research and hard work based on that research are the foundation of top rankings. We want business owners and marketing directors to learn for themselves what SEO is and how it works. Below, you’ll find information to help you discover the facts other Minnesota SEO companies either don’t know or won’t tell you:

Full-Service SEO Company in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

If your Minnesota or national business is dissatisfied with its current internet marketing performance, you owe it to yourself to find out why. Our team of SEO experts, user-oriented web designers, and experienced marketing copywriters knows what it takes to achieve marketing success. In our free, no-obligation analysis, we’ll give you objective, no-nonsense information. We’ll also give you a price quote for a plan to revamp your website to deliver increased revenues and profits. We’ll show you what we’ve accomplished for our clients.