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How to Choose a Search Engine Optimization Company

  • What are the hidden costs of cheap SEO?
  • Why can’t a web design company optimize your website?
  • What should you know about guaranteed top rankings?

The Right SEO Firm Can Maximize Your Sales and Profits

If your business is like most others, your website has little exposure on Google, Yahoo or Bing. A website that can’t be found by potential customers is worthless. For success in internet marketing, only powerful, research-based search engine optimization can get your website top rankings for the searches relevant to your products and services. That is exactly what our SEO specialists can deliver for you, just as we’ve done for so many Twin Cities, Minnesota and national businesses.

Search on Google for your exact company name. Your website will probably show up on the first page of search results. If you search for information about your products or services, though, you only see your competitors’ websites. Here’s a secret: Ranking high only for your company’s name won’t bring new customers to you. Potential customers only make generic queries. Studies have shown that over 90% of web users find products, services and information through search engines. If you can’t find your website on search engines, neither can your potential customers.

Five Steps for Choosing the Right SEO Agency in Minneapolis St. Paul

If you’re not getting the outstanding rankings, leads and sales you expect, you probably chose the wrong company to optimize your website. The problem won’t fix itself, and trusting the same people who failed you before won’t help. You need search engine optimization done properly by experts who have proven their capabilities. Here’s how to find a competent SEO company in Minnesota:

Competitive Pricing for Outstanding SEO Performance – Twin Cities, MN

Don’t choose the lowest bidder! Working with the wrong search engine optimization company can be worse than throwing money down the drain. We have helped several business owners who made that mistake. Their websites were poorly handled by self-proclaimed specialists who had zero expertise or used questionable tactics. After we revamped their websites, using our time-tested strategies, they got the results they needed.

Outstanding SEO companies are hard to find. The cost of high-performance SEO is substantial. Ask yourself this: Which is more expensive – spending $5,000 on SEO to get $100,000 of new revenue or spending $500 to get nothing? Professional SEO pays for itself through increased revenues. Contact Site Revamp today for a free website evaluation and a price quote for our proven services. We’ll show you real data on how we have helped our clients. If you choose us, we’ll help you grow your bottom line.