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Top Google Rankings Help Boost Your Revenues

As the recognized leader in search engine optimization in the Twin Cities, our effective online marketing efforts focus primarily on achieving top rankings at Google. Some business owners ask whether focusing on Google will also result in high rankings on Yahoo and Bing. It’s a good question, and we’re always happy to explain why top Google placement is first and foremost in our optimization efforts.

If a website achieves long-lasting high first-page placement on Google, that means that its search engine optimization is done properly. Each search engine applies different criteria when evaluating websites and each has its own unique ranking algorithms. Naturally, it would be ideal to have your website listed at the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo for your target keywords. In some cases, that can be difficult to accomplish, although our clients’ websites also perform superbly in all search results. As a business owner, however, your top priority should be on Google. Here’s why:

Top-Rated Google Optimization Services – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Google’s search dominance has been steadily increasing over the past several years. In term of search accuracy and relevance in all business sectors, it outperforms Yahoo and Bing. Its dominance is unlikely to change anytime soon. Search engine optimization has become Google SEO.

At our Minnesota search engine optimization firm, our primary focus is on improving our clients’ website performance. Google is known for fast, frequent changes in its ranking algorithms. Each year, hundreds of changes are made, with major updates becoming more frequent. It takes dedicated SEO professionals to stay on top of these changes. Our clients consistently see their rankings climb dramatically when we optimize their websites. More importantly, we maintain those top rankings over the long term. Call our Minneapolis Google SEO experts and we will be happy to evaluate your current web performance at no charge. We’ll show you the results we have achieved and give you a competitive quote on the cost of optimizing your website.