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  • Is your content management system killing your sales?
  • Why shouldn’t your web designer handle your SEO?
  • Is your web design company holding your website hostage with an obsolete CMS?

Does Your Current CMS Cripple Your SEO Performance?

The vast majority of web designers maximize their profits and minimize the work of building websites by using prefabricated templates and Content Management Systems or CMS. Unfortunately, many of these CMS programs make it impossible to implement truly effective SEO and prevent those websites from getting top Google placement. Was your current website designed with a CMS? If it has these features, the answer is yes:

There are dozens of CMS programs available to web designers. Most of them were designed as long as 10-15 years ago, before search engines like Google developed their complex web-crawling tools and ranking algorithms. They are even more proprietary CMS systems developed by web development companies. Most of these systems haven’t been updated for years. Websites that were built with these outdated systems simply can’t be understood by Google, Bing and Yahoo. Optimizing such websites to obtain top rankings is impossible. At Site Revamp, our websites are designed and optimized for top search engine rankings, using the most popular platform – WordPress. We build every website for maximum compatibility to meet the latest standards.

What Your Web Design Company Doesn’t Want You to Know

Is your website failing to perform? Is it bringing the new leads and customers you need to grow and thrive? Is it living up to the promises made to you by your current web design company? Here’s what your web designer didn’t tell you:

WordPress Optimization Services – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Before hiring any web design company or when considering changes to your website, we recommend contacting a professional SEO consultant first. Since search engine rankings are the most important factor in your site’s ability to attract visitors, the wrong choice of the CMS used in its design can be costly, indeed. Our outstanding reputation for high-performance website designs is based on choosing development tools that allow powerful optimization to deliver top first page rankings for our customers. We encourage you to contact us soon for an evaluation of your current website. We’ll analyze its SEO performance and discuss ways we can help you get the outstanding Google rankings you need. There is no charge for this analysis and report. We’ll also show you the powerful rankings and performance our satisfied clients enjoy and give you a competitive price quote for a range of proposals.