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  • Is there such a thing as bad SEO?
  • How can you spot a bogus company?
  • Can some bad practices hurt your business?

Professional, Researched-Based SEO Is Worth the Cost

Everyone in business today recognizes the importance of search engine optimization in attracting new customers. That fact, though, has led to unscrupulous vendors selling unethical services to unsuspecting business owners and marketing directors. Here is the truth: If you are taken in by cheap SEO and hard-sell unethical practices, you risk irreparable damage to your website. And this doesn’t just affect small companies. Major corporations also fall prey to these scams.

A number of years ago, Google de-listed BMW, a major auto manufacturer, from its database. The company had utilized a number of tricks in an attempt to manipulate search results. They created what are called doorway pages, full of keywords related to auto sales, trying to dominate search listings for a wide range of automobile-related searches. While the technique had some success for a brief period, Google recognized the spam and stopped showing its website. After the problem was corrected, the company slowly regained its search positions, but it’s a lesson that needs to be recognized by all businesses.

Deceptive, Black-Hat Techniques Do More Harm Than Good

When search engines first appeared, their ranking algorithms were rather primitive, and some web designers and self-proclaimed SEO experts quickly adopted deceptive tactics to gain a quick ranking boost. They were successful in getting excellent rankings, but only for a short period. Those techniques were soon recognized as spam and search engines, led by Google, improved their ranking algorithms to counteract them. Search engine optimization implemented by real experts never employs black-hat tactics. The unethical techniques listed below no longer work, and can lead a site that uses them to be penalized by Google, Bing and Yahoo:

Choosing Twin Cities Top Search Engine Optimization Experts

Businesses are constantly bombarded with offers that promise high Google rankings. All those offers promise more web traffic at cheap prices and can be very tempting to business owners and marketing directors. All of these use short-term tricks like those described above. Any short-term ranking boosts, though, will lead quickly to long-lasting penalties. Bargain-priced scams can be the worst investment you’ll ever make. Here are some ways to find genuine SEO experts who will get you the high rankings you need over the long term:

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Since 2003, the experienced team at Site Revamp has achieved outstanding search engine rankings and revenue-boosting performance for its many clients. We have some of the best SEO experts, talented web designers and marketing copywriters in the Twin Cities metro area on our team. We’ve helped businesses in Minnesota and across the nation achieve their goals. We do that through hard work and an insistence on using only ethical techniques based on a thorough understanding of search engines. We will gladly show you the results we have delivered. We don’t promise performance we can’t deliver. Contact us today. We’ll evaluate your website and give you an objective analysis. We’ll propose a cost-effective plan for services that will give you fast, long-lasting impact. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see those results.