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How Do You Pay for the Cost of Search Engine Optimization?

  • How does the cost of SEO compare to print or direct mail advertising?
  • Why does cheap SEO cost you much more?
  • How can you afford top-rated internet marketing without spending more?

Can Your Business Afford Top-Notch Search Engine Optimization?

The most common reason why business owners are reluctant to invest in search engine marketing is the cost. They can’t seem to find a way to pay for revamping and optimizing their websites, without realizing that this is a long-term investment that will pay for itself, along with hefty dividend. After we talked with some of these business owners, we found that they spent too much money on ineffective marketing that doesn’t produces much revenue. A Yellow Pages advertisement can cost over $10,000 a month in the Twin Cities market. A full-page magazine advertisement can cost over $12,000 a month in some of the Minneapolis St. Paul area magazines. A worthless Facebook or Twitter campaign can cost between $3,000 and $5,000 a month. Our solution for these companies is that they reallocate they budget to SEO from low-value Yellow Pages advertisements, social media marketing and TV or radio commercials. They don’t have to spend an extra penny beyond their current budget, but get 100+ times the return.

In the past 15 years, business websites have proven themselves as the most effective and productive marketing method for all business sectors. Old-time marketing techniques and media are performing less and less effectively, whether you’re doing business locally or globally. Newspapers have lost massive amounts of circulation. Most people don’t even own the Yellow Pages. Television and radio audiences have gotten smaller, due to the sheer number of channel choices. If your marketing budget is heavy with old media, it’s time to shift your focus to internet search engine marketing.

Years ago, search engine optimization was easy. The internet wasn’t crowded, so getting top rankings took just a little work and some common sense. Today, things are completely different. In your industry, there is an unprecedented number of websites competing for the same top placement. Implementing an effective SEO strategy has become more time-consuming and costly, since getting and maintaining excellent placement has become much more difficult and highly technical. That’s not the whole story: Professional SEO marketing strategies today produce far more new and continuing business, dollar for dollar, than any other marketing method. That means real value received for your investment.

Professional SEO Means Effective Marketing – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Well-implemented web optimization produces solid revenues and profits that can be measured. Properly done, it can seem like magic in boosting exposure to your products and services. It’s like reading your potential customers’ minds, then having your best salesperson visit each potential customer and make a powerful pitch. A dynamic, user-friendly website, combined with research-based website optimization will beat other marketing efforts by a huge margin every time. At our top-rated SEO services company in Minneapolis St. Paul, we’ve been helping our clients grow their revenues, both locally in Minnesota and nationally, and we’ve been doing that for over 15 years.

Isn’t it time to re-evaluate your current marketing strategy? Shift marketing budget resources from non-performing, out-of-date media to effective search engine marketing and start seeing powerful revenue-building results sooner than you expect. Call Site Revamp today, and talk with an experienced, professional search engine marketing specialist about your needs. We’ll analyze your current online marketing at no charge and propose a cost-effective plan to implement high-performance SEO and more.