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Designing Websites for Search Engine Optimization – Twin Cities, MN

  • Why is good web design the foundation of SEO?
  • Should you talk to an SEO company before redesigning your site?
  • Is your website built with a generic template?

Does Your Website Have Top Google Placement?

What is the point of designing a website that no one can find? Many companies in Minneapolis St. Paul and nationwide have paid high prices for websites that can’t possibly get top Google rankings. What a waste of money! Many business owners have made the costly mistake of regarding search engine optimization as an afterthought without knowing that it can only have maximum impact when it is integrated into the design from the beginning. Most websites created by web design companies are built with cheap, generic templates that lack optimization features. They have to be completely redesigned in order to gain excellent search engine rankings. Such a revamp can cost a business a hefty amount.

The close relationship between SEO and web design makes it absolutely necessary for business owners to hire a web design company that understands how to optimize websites. In reality, the majority of web designers know almost nothing about search engine optimization. They often build graphically beautiful websites that can’t be understood by Google, Bing or Yahoo. Search engines don’t read websites the way that human visitors do. What looks very pleasing to our eyes can be very confusing. At Site Revamp, we often see this problem when we evaluate existing websites for companies that contact us. We want to help you understand why.

BEST Search Engine Optimization Consultants in the Twin Cities

Search engine optimization is an art and science. It only works when experienced SEO consultants who have extensive training and years of real-world experience in running marketing campaigns for various industries implement it. Just about every web design company claims it can provide SEO services. Most of those claims are worthless because web designers are graphic artists. Search engine optimizers are mathematicians.

Many business owners assume that their web designers are capable of doing this highly specialized job. Too often, they end up with disappointing results. Since 2003, we have been helping businesses in Minnesota and across the country to get their online marketing back on the right track. We have worked in a wide range of highly competitive industries with exceptional returns for our clients, including real estate, law, consumer products and business-to-business service. Call us for a free analysis and a competitive price quote!