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  • Is your website dominated by large, pretty photos?
  • Do you have answers to your customers’ questions ready?
  • Do you know how to integrate target keywords into your web content?

Web Visitors Do Read If You Offer Something Worth Reading

Do you know what your potential customers want when they arrive on your website? They’re looking for information to help them make decisions and answers to their questions. Far too many web designers treat marketing content as an afterthought. Content costs them money, so they take shortcuts to bank more profits. That is why most websites are poorly written and drive visitors away. Every Google search’s intent is to find information. A visitor who doesn’t find anything relevant on a landing page clicks the Back button and goes back to Google, Bing or Yahoo. The quality of content is what keeps visitors interested and motivates them to take action.

Creative copywriting for websites is a highly specialized job. As the top-rated web design and SEO company in the Twin Cities, we understand that and use only talented, experienced copywriters with knowledge of your business type to produce content that connects with your potential customers and meets the following requirements:

Why Content Is KING

The goal of every element of any business website is to attract new customers and increase revenues. The content is a crucial factor in meeting that goal. Amateurish, unoriginal or inadequate content that is irrelevant to your potential customers drives them to your competitors. Here are some factors that will help you understand why:

Twin Cities Best Website Marketing Content Writers

For search engine rankings, visitor retention and outstanding conversion on websites, content is king. That’s why every skilled copywriter at Site Revamp has a proven history of getting the job done right. Look at the content on our revenue-producing websites and you will see why the quality is superb. We take great pride in every aspect of the websites we create for our clients. Our marketing content will be your company’s top-flight internet sales staff, working around the clock to bring in new customers and revenues. Our unmatched track record is the strongest testimony. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your current site and for a free, competitive price quote. Let us show you how a revamp of your online marketing can boost your revenues through increased leads and sales.