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  • How do you turn web traffic into leads and sales?
  • How many visitors leave your website for your competitors?
  • How can you double or triple your leads and sales?

Converting High Search Engine Rankings into Revenues

Getting top Google rankings is only part of the job that your website must do. What happens once a potential client or customer comes to your website? If visitors drop in, but then leave almost immediately, you are not maximizing the web traffic you get through search engine optimization or pay-per-click advertising. Here is what your web pages have to accomplish when a visitor arrives:

Are You Wasting Your Web Traffic?

Your potential customers are finding the products and services they need today by searching for them on Google, Bing and Yahoo. They type in a wide variety of queries, and then choose websites to visit from the top listings. The higher your company’s site is on the list, the better. Research shows that the top three search engine listings get almost all of the clicks. Search engine optimization is the way business websites get ranked highly in those search results. Effective SEO implementation is absolutely essential for any website to compete at Google. If your website can’t be found by your potential customers, it can’t possibly bring in new leads and sales.

Old marketing strategies like Yellow Pages ads, along with newspaper, radio and television advertising just can’t produce new revenues you need to be competitive. The internet is no longer just an interesting marketing concept, but is by far today’s most important battle ground for businesses to survive and thrive. Your search engine optimized website attracts more visitors with its high rankings, but that’s just part of the story. If it can’t convert those visitors into new leads and customers, it can’t help your business grow.

SEO and Website Conversion Optimization – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

By incorporating search engine optimization and user-friendly web design into every aspect of your website, from layout and navigation to content and keyword placement, your complete website produces revenues and profits by effectively converting visitors into leads and sales. Only truly effective SEO companies can handle every aspect of your internet marketing. A complete revamp of your web marketing is often the best approach, since everything must work together to reach your goals.

At Site Revamp, our team of website professionals works together to produce a complete business website, either from scratch or by revamping your current site. In the process, we incorporate effective SEO throughout to attract potential customers, along with developing every element of your site to provide an outstanding visitor experience that converts traffic into new leads and sales. Contact our conversion rate optimization specialists today for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your current marketing. We’ll work with you to come up with a plan to transform your website into a powerful marketing tool. Our revamp projects deliver outstanding returns at competitive pricing.