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  • Why do your website visitors leave almost instantly?
  • Can your site deliver new customers in high numbers?
  • Would you like to boost leads and sales by 300% – 500%?

Successful Website Design for High Conversion

Do you know what most visitors do when they come to your website after searching on Google, Bing and Yahoo? The shocking fact is that almost all of them leave within 30 seconds and return to search listings. There, they click through to a competing site. None of those visitors will become your clients or customers. They won’t return to your pages, either. If your website doesn’t generate a steady flow of leads and sales, failure to retain and convert visitors is almost certainly the reason. Here’s the truth: Most business websites are not designed to give visitors what they’re looking for. At Site Revamp, our outstanding web design team aims at creating a user experience that delivers:

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Can Your Company’s Website Sell Your Products and Services?

Think of the last time you walked into a major retail store or office. In a store, you expect to see a clean, well-designed space, with well-labeled aisles to help you find what you need. In an office or service business, you expect a directory or receptionist to help you find your way. In either place, you expect friendly, knowledgeable staff to provide information and help you with your questions. You expect them to be eager to assist you. If you don’t find those things, you leave and go elsewhere. Your website is no different. If what visitors see on any landing page doesn’t immediately match their search intention, they’re gone. As the leader in high-performance web design in the Twin Cities metro area, our extensive user research is the basis for our effective, user-friendly designs. Our websites give potential customers what they want.

Conversion of Visitors Should Be Your Goal

Nothing about a website design matters if visitors don’t stick around long enough to get the information they need and aren’t motivated to take action. Sadly, most web designers only focus on creating a beautiful visual impression that appeals to the business owner. People searching on Google are not looking for an art exhibit. That’s the last thing on their minds and they won’t become your customers simply because you have prettier photos. It’s the website’s job to convince them to buy your products or hire your services.

Over 90% of all business websites have a conversion rate of 1% or less. That means that 99% of visitors leave without making purchases. If your web pages can convince just 3% to convert, your business increases 300%. Everything we do targets higher conversion rates. For over 15 years, we have been helping our clients reach that goal. Here’s what you need to know before choosing a web design firm in Minneapolis St. Paul.

Website Designs that Attract and Convert Visitors – Twin Cities, MN

No business website is well designed unless it achieves outstanding Google rankings to attract visitors. It must also keep them on your website long enough to get the information they are looking for. Most importantly, the website must actively convert users into leads and sales. That’s a tough order to fill. Our experienced, talented team of SEO experts, web designers and content writers has been meeting those demands for clients in the Minneapolis St. Paul area and across Minnesota for almost two decades. We’ll be happy to show you what we have accomplished for our clients. If your current website isn’t delivering the stream of business you need, contact us for a free evaluation and competitive price quote. We’d love to discuss a plan for well-needed revamp.