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User-Friendly Website Design and Optimization Boost Conversion Rates

  • What is the primary priority for every website?
  • What do your potential customers look for?
  • How can you double or triple your leads and sales?

Is Your Website Designed to Help Visitors Find What They Need?

What you want from your website is more leads and sales. That’s simple. Is your current website doing that job? If not, then it’s clearly not meeting your goals and giving you a solid return that makes it worthwhile. At Site Revamp, we want to help you understand how website design plays an enormous role in doing its primary job: converting visitors into active, motivated customers.

The mistake many web designers make is to create fancy websites that appeal primarily to business owners. They want to please you with a graphical design that has the WOW factor necessary to impress you so that they get paid. Here’s the truth: Any top-performing website should be designed and optimized to satisfy its visitors, not the business owner. Instead of amazing graphics, dramatic fonts and clever logos, the design needs to be based on the following questions:

Simple, Informative Web Designs for Conversion Rate Optimization

The experienced, visitor-oriented web designers at Site Revamp focus all of their attention on designs that provide an outstanding user experience for the maximum number of visitors. They have researched visitor behavior extensively and understand everything from user eye movements when they arrive on a web page to navigation structures that actively lead people from page to page in their quest for information. They know that designs must put information first, not flashy graphics and artsy fonts and logos. Our philosophy is that the visitor comes first. Optimizing retention and conversion of visitors is the primary goals. Every project is a team effort, and considers a wide range of priorities during the design process:

Web Design for Conversion Optimization – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Not all websites are created equal. A website designed for the users actively builds traffic and promotes leads and revenues. A website designed to impress the business owner can drive away potential consumers and hurt the bottom line.

There are many web design companies in the Twin Cities metro area. However, few of them know how to create effective SEO websites that truly connect with customers. At Site Revamp, our goal is to market your business through a powerful, effective website that puts conversion first. Over the years, we have studied consumer behavior and know what works and what doesn’t. The business websites we have designed or revamped for our clients deliver exceptional results. Talk with our experts and get your company’s internet marketing on the right track.