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  • How does Google know about your website?
  • What information do your potential customers look for?
  • How does web design help Google’s indexing?

What Does Google Know about Your Website and Why Does it Matter?

Many business owners are surprised to learn that Google, Yahoo and Bing know very little about their costly websites. Many web design firms say they will “submit” your site to search engines. Has your website been properly indexed by Google so it can be included in rankings for popular keywords and phrases used by your potential customers? It’s easy to find out what Google knows about you and your website. Just enter this search, substituting your own web address:


What you should see is several pages of search results, listing all of the pages on your website, with descriptions of each page. Those listings show you what Google knows about your websites and which pages have been indexed. If, instead, you see the message: “Your search – site:www.YourDomainName.com – did not match any documents.” Google doesn’t know your website exists. If you see only a few of your web pages listed, either your site is too new for full indexing or something is keeping Google from seeing all of your pages. Either way, you have a serious problem.

Leading Google Optimization Services – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Having top placement at Google can dramatically increase the number of visitors to your website and bring in more revenue for your company. Google uses the most complicated and advanced ranking algorithms. It constantly modifies those algorithms to make its search results more accurate and relevant for its users. Getting top rankings at Google is very challenging and requires seasoned SEO specialists with extensive experience.

Our Minnesota Google SEO experts focus primarily on ranking performance and conversion optimization for our clients. We research and develop unique techniques that produce proven results. Since 2003, we have worked with a wide range of companies in the Minneapolis St. Paul area and across the nation. We consistently get top search listings. More importantly, they maintain high rankings over time. To learn how our top services can bring more traffic, leads and sales to your business, contact us for a free analysis and cost estimate. We hope you’ll let us show you what we can do for your company.