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Is Your Website Optimization Keeping up with Google Changes?

  • Why does Google keep changing rankings for websites?
  • What is Google really looking for on websites?
  • What factors affect how high a website ranks?

Maintaining High Google Rankings Is Hard, Continuing Work

In the past few years, Google, the undisputed leader among search engines, has made sweeping, large changes in its ranking algorithms. In 2011, its “Panda” update and more recent “Penguin” update changed the face of SEO forever. Many business websites saw their rankings slip suddenly, quickly disappearing from the first page of search results. Was your website one of those? Without high first page rankings, websites get few, if any, clicks from potential customers. New leads and sales drop off immediately.

At Site Revamp, our SEO experts anticipated these changes, long before they occurred. They have been listening to Google since it was launched. While others looked for tricky maneuvers to manipulate rankings, we studied what Google was actually trying to do. With the launch of the Panda and Penguin updates, we saw our clients’ websites maintain and even improve their placement. We understood what Google was trying to do, and have always done SEO to match those criteria, instead of using trickery and following the latest fads. Here’s what Google’s strategies are for their current ranking algorithms and future updates.

SEO Services for Top Google Rankings – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Has your business website experienced a drop in its search placement. Has your web designer been unable to fix the problem? Aside from major ranking algorithm changes, like Panda and Penguin, Google makes smaller changes almost daily. No SEO tricks or trends can possibly keep up. Our SEO, web design and content writing team understands search engines’ real goals. That’s why our clients’ websites maintain their high rankings, even when major algorithm changes occur. For our clients, we make adjustments to take advantage of changes in ranking methods on a regular basis. You deserve the same advantages for your business.

Contact us and let the Minnesota SEO experts at Site Revamp give you a free analysis and cost estimate. We are located in the Minneapolis St. Paul area and have consistently provided Twin Cities and national companies with exceptional results. There’s no obligation, and you’ll learn how our professional web optimization can help get your website ranked more highly for the long term and help you build your business.