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  • How can the wrong website design lead to SEO failure?
  • Why do visitors leave your website so quickly?
  • Why doesn’t your web designer understand Google?

Effective Search Engine Optimization Depends on Website Design

As the owner of a Twin Cities business, you expect your website to deliver a steady stream of leads and sales. It should be your number one marketing tool. If your current site is not working for you, odds are that you aren’t sure why. As the Minneapolis St. Paul area’s leader in SEO website design, we can help you understand the reasons why it’s failing to deliver the performance you were promised.

Two websites that look similar often produce completely different Google rankings. The fundamental design and architecture may be the reason for its lack of performance. Most web design companies simply don’t understand SEO and make mistakes that cripple their clients’ sales and revenues. Common problems include:

Effective SEO Starts with Search Engine Friendly Web Design

If your website was created more than 3 years ago or by a designer with poor knowledge of SEO, it almost certainly does not meet the latest web standards. Over 95% of all current websites are built with outdated technologies that make it very difficult for search engines to explore the content and find relevant keywords. A large number of brand-new websites are built with outdated web technologies as well. The results are poor Google rankings.

Site Revamp consists of an experienced team of professionals. Team members include talented web designers, outstanding ranking optimizers, and skilled marketing content copywriters. Each has specialized in internet marketing since the internet began in the mid-1990s. Working closely together, we create business websites with effective search engine optimization as the primary goal. Websites we design excel in attracting visitors through top rankings. Our web designs are search engine friendly and provide an outstanding visitor experience. They keep visitors engaged, give them compelling content that answers their questions and motivate them to become new leads and customers.

Integrating Effective SEO and User-Friendly Design

Most web designers focus only on how a website looks to human visitors. All too often, they do a poor job of that, producing pretty web pages that appeal only to the client’s ego, rather than to prospective customers and clients. Worse, they give search engines very little thought. The result is a website that neither satisfies visitors, nor provides search engines any valuable information. Such websites have poor rankings and high bounce rates, with visitors leaving as soon as they arrive.