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Yellow Pages Advertising vs. Google Optimization

  • Why has Yellow Pages advertising stopped working?
  • Why do over 90% of consumers today rely on search engines exclusively?
  • Why is shifting your advertising budget to SEO your best choice?

Yellow Pages Marketing Has Lost Its Relevance

If you’re still paying thousands of dollars a month for Yellow Pages advertisements, you know the disappointment of not getting anything in return for that large investment. Now, phone companies no longer automatically deliver these phone books to customers. The online directories promoted by the Yellow Pages companies are nothing but a gimmick. With consumers flocking to Google, Bing and Yahoo whenever they are looking for products, services and information, having a strong presence at search engines is the most cost-effective way to generate more revenues and profits.

Why Marketing Dollars Spent on Yellow Pages Ads Are Wasted

For many decades, consumers who were looking for businesses to supply needed products and services relied on the Yellow Pages to select a business near them. That time is over, and good riddance to it. In 2015, telephone companies stopped automatically delivering phone books to their customers. Why? Nobody uses them anymore.

Today, everyone searches for products and services on computers and smartphones. Instead of browsing through pages of advertisements that offer little information, they visit business websites that help them make smart decisions. Three quarters of all online searches are made on Google, the clear leader in search engines. Search engines make money by selling advertising to companies trying to reach customers. Google competes most successfully by providing the most accurate results to its users.

Search Engine Optimized Websites Bring Customers to You

Understanding how and why prospective customers find businesses on search engines is the key to planning how to spend your marketing budget.

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