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Yellow Pages vs. Search Engine Optimization

  • Why shouldn’t you trust the phonebook company handle your online marketing?
  • How does SEO compare to Yellow Pages advertising?
  • How many of your competitors still advertise in the phone books?

Optimized Websites Have Outperformed Yellow Pages for Years

In 2015, the last nail in the Yellow Pages coffin was driven home. Phone companies all across the nation stopped automatically delivering telephone directories to their customers. If you’re still investing your marketing budget in the outdated phone directories, you’re simply throwing money down the drain. Those worthless advertisements simply don’t work any longer. They have zero value for your business. Today, 90% of all consumers find the products and services they need on Google, Bing and Yahoo. They click through to the top listings. If your website doesn’t show up on Google for a wide range of queries, it’s time to take immediate action. Here’s why:

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Investing Your Yellow Pages Budget in SEO Helps Your Business Grow

Yellow Pages publishers knew that the phone books were dying years ago. The impending loss of those advertising revenues forced them to admit that the internet was the future. They attempted to convince their customers to put their advertising budget into the equally worthless online directories. Companies who did that soon learned that the online directories failed to produce anything meaningful. They saw their revenues slip and watched new customers flock to competitors. Why were those competitors succeeding? The answer is that they had quit paying for useless advertising and invested in powerful, search engine optimized websites. Here’s what they learned:

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Take a look at your successful competitors. Are they still clinging to the phone books? Are they prospering while your business stagnates? Is your marketing budget still being used to pay for costly print ads that don’t bring in new business? Stop throwing good money away and call Site Revamp in Minneapolis. Let us evaluate your current marketing and discuss what we find at no cost to you. We’ll propose a complete search engine optimization plan that saves you money and produces increased revenues. Ask us to show you how our satisfied clients have benefited from our exceptional services. Make a smart decision for your future profitability.